Invisible and odorless, natural gas escapes much more discreetly than water from a leaking tap. In Quebec, dozens of gas leaks are reported each year,

but most remain undetected.

In addition to the risks of poisoning and explosion due to leaks,

natural gas has a significant impact on the environment. Made up of 95% methane, natural gas has a powerful greenhouse effect, much larger

than carbon dioxide, even in small quantities.

The FlowBox is a smart solution that protects the environment from these gas leaks, making it safer for you and your real estate.

Manage the gas supply of your home or buildings remotely via a smart phone or tablet and reduce the risk of accidents.

The FlowBox automatically turns off the main gas supply in the event of a leak and sends an alert.

The FlowBox for gas is suitable for any type of residential and commercial building and for any type of new construction.



Basic functions


FlowBox remote control

Automatic shut-off in case of absence

Alerts in case of leaks or breakage

Wireless Leak Detectors at Strategic Locations

Programming the FlowBox to a custom schedule

Analysis and statistics of the gas rate in the area



Managing multiple buildings simultaneously

Connecting the FlowBox to your alarm system

You have other needs, share them with us.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team of experts will be happy to offer you the best FlowBox system adapted to your needs.

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