Water damage due to piping is rampant. It costs $ 2 billion in insurance claims each year. Property damage can amount for thousands of dollars, or even a hundreds

of thousands of dollars for a multi-storey building. In addition to these financial costs, we must add the significant impact that a disaster has on your life and health.

The FlowBox becomes an investment in protecting your real estate. It's a smart solution that will give you peace of mind; to you and to your bank account.

With its innovative, utilitarian, ecological and economic character,

the FlowBox reduces annual costs, avoids disasters and increases the

sustainability of your habitats and assets.


We will refer you to the experts you need for the installation of your FlowBox system. Our specialists comply with the highest quality standards, which entitles you to a reduction on your insurance premium of up to 20%.

Contact your insurer for the discount you are entitled to and reduce

your insurance premiums.

Have you ever had water damage leading your insurer to no longer cover you ?

Rediscover insurability by installing the FlowBox.

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Housing building, Montréal


Comfort and Security

Economy and Performance

Build with the FlowBox

The FlowBox has only one function, that of cutting water or gas. Thus, unlike a complex home automation system, it adapts easily to your needs, the type of building you manage in any type of environment.

The FlowBox manages water, irrigation systems and gas.

In addition to the basic functions, several additional features are available to you according to your preferences.

See below



The FlowBox is easy to use and to install. Simply have your Smartphone or tablet on

hand to remotely manage your main water inlet or the water intakes of your

buildings, no matter where you are.


The FlowBox includes an electric valve that is installed at the water inlet and a WiFi switch connected to a normal power outlet. Your experience will be intuitive

thanks to the simple and well-designed application that allows your smart

phone to communicate with the valve.


At any time, you can also manually open or close the water inlet through an easily accessible switch. In the event of an electrical failure, the valve can be in

closed mode, stopping the water flow by default or in open mode,

allowing the water to pass through.


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