A few months after buying her condo, there was significant water damage in the building, costing several thousand dollars to all the co-owners. Not wanting to go through this bad experience again and having heard of the FlowBox, she installed it in her apartment. Being very satisfied with the efficiency of the FlowBox, she suggested the other co-owners to place them in the whole building. The entire building is now all protected from water damage

« I am very satisfied with the FlowBox, I no longer need to worry about water damage! And with the reduction on insurance premiums, it quickly paid for itself » 


For the past three years, Gilles has had a job that requires

him to travel several times a year.

« My water inlet is hardly accessible and since I have to go out of town often,

it was very frustrating to go and close it every time. Sometimes I forgot to do it. Now that I have a FlowBox, I no longer need to think about it.

The water closes automatically as soon as I leave and I no longer

have to worry about water damage. »


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